Security Awareness Instructor (SAI)


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Securit Awareness Instructor - SAI

If you are interested in teaching Hacker Highschool, Smarter Safer Better, or any other security awareness program you really should get certified as a Security Awareness Instructor. The SAI is a modern, professional certification which assures applicable knowledge, skills, ethics, approach, and responsibility for teaching security.

The SAI focus is on the method for assuring a quality training. In addition to learning the cutting edge research at ISECOM, you will learn how to deliver it to specific age groups to assure the students learn the right message and are ready to apply it. 

Companies, schools, and parents will prefer the commitment and the reputation knowing a Certified Securit Awareness Instructor has made a legal contract to ISECOM to guarantee a high level of professionalism. 

To find out more about taking the SAI in your area, visit our schedule page.