Security Awareness Instructor (SAI)


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Securit Awareness Instructor - SAI

If you are interested in teaching security awareness classes at any level then this course is right for you.

The SAI is a modern, professional certification which assures applicable knowledge, skills, ethics, approach, and responsibility for teaching security. The focus is on the method for assuring a quality security awareness training. You will learn how to deliver it to specific age groups to assure the students learn the right message and are ready to apply it.

Companies, schools, and parents will prefer the commitment and the reputation knowing a Certified Securit Awareness Instructor has made a legal contract to ISECOM to guarantee a high level of professionalism.


The Security Awareness Instructor certification includes specific knowledge and skills necessary for teaching security awareness classes and is the minimum recommended for teachers providing the Hacker Highschool curriculum to young adults from 12-20.

The SAI focus is on the method for assuring a quality training especially to those unfamiliar with cybersecurity. In addition to learning the cybersecurity basics you will learn how to deliver it to specific age groups to assure the students learn the right message and are ready to apply it.


The course is based on SALT, the Security Awareness Learning Tactics research by ISECOM as well as the Open Source Cybersecurity Playbook available at Additional materials for the curriculum come from the Security Essentials series based on:

Network Security - includes lessons in System Tools and Techniques, Hacking Network Protocols, and Hacking Network Services.

Security Analysis - includes lessons in Hacking Malware, Attack Analysis, and Counter Forensics.

Hacking - includes lessons in Hacking Email, Hacking Websites, and Hacking Passwords.

This material is available off of our website based on the “Security Essentials” series which is sold through Amazon:

Previews of the material are available as part of the Hacker Highschool curriculum available here:


The exam is 50 questions, multiple choice, best answer and based on specific training in security awareness using the Security Awareness Learning Tactics body of knowledge, the Level 1 (minimum cybersecurity level) body of knowledge available in the Security Essentials series, and the Open Source Cybersecurity Playbook. The successful student will be able to explain how, when, and why to use a particular teaching strategy based on the type and age of the class as well as show a minimum level of technical know-how of the Security Essential Series, and the Security Know-How of the Open Source Cybersecurity Playbook which includes security tactic, strategy, tool, or process. For example, questions are like this:

What makes protecting against Ransomware a challenge?

a. The decryption keys require cryptocurrency payments to get the data back.

b. They will corrupt back-up files even in the “Cloud”.

c. They will infect all systems and devices.

d. They use file and document accessibility that organizations need into their attack method.

e. They use advanced social engineering techniques to trick users into installing them.

The main reason for having diverse security teams in an organization is:

a. To have them reinforce each other’s knowledge while doing the exercises.

b. To assure they work on the projects and get them done in a timely manner.

c. To teach them to work in a team.

d. To get them to build friendships and respect their peers.

e. To help them successfully overcome particularly difficult problems.


This certification is open and requires no training courses. Anyone can register for this certification. It is recommended however that the student has become familiar with the body of knowledge available whether through self-study or a training course to successfully pass the exam.