The Bad People Project


Welcome to the BAD PEOPLE PROJECT!

This project is to understand how children think about what a bad person looks like. 

Traditional ways for teaching children to be safer and make better choices has many failings. The biggest one is in the complexity of explaining just exactly what they need to be safe from. There are more threats than possible explanations and if we try to make rules for each one, we'd have far too much information than a child could hope to remember. Add to that the contradictory, mixed messages of specific occasions in complex social interactions when the rules may be broken. 

A child can't read the intricacies of social dynamics that an adult can. And these social dynamics change depending on where the child lives, grows up, and what stories they are exposed to. Therefore how a child thinks a bad person looks like is influenced by many things. The truth is a bad person can look like anyone. There is no true pattern. And this is true of any threat. It can come from anywhere and be anything. So as we grow to adulthood we need to figure out for ourselves, hit and miss, what we can trust and when. 

Instead of leaving so much of that up to chance, we are developing a project called the Child Safety and Security Methodology with certain rules for children to have head start on how to decide what is a bad person. Except that this is also heavily influenced by culture and social norms. Therefore, the only way for us to define our new rules free of cultural and social bias is to understand how various children from all over the world think that bad people look like. To do this, we started this Bad People Project.

The goal of this project is to build security and safety awareness for children by understanding how a child sees the scarier part of the world. This will also allow people in other regions, other countries to explore the diverse aspects of childhood around the world by looking at each others pictures. To do this we need your help! We need you to send us your submissions, license free to use by ISECOM, where you ask a child to draw what they think a bad person is or looks like. Do not help or influence the child at all. Have the child tell you who/what it is and include this and any relevant information with the submission. Also include:

  • Child's First Name (full name is optional)
  • Child's Age
  • Location / Region

Feel free to include any additional, relevant information the child may provide when doing the drawing.

Please help us out by sending us (info-at-badpeopleproject-dot-org) a child's drawing either scanned in or as a digital photo. Thanks!



If you are interested in helping with this project please contact us.