Teen Security Awareness



Security awareness must be the continuing practice of a skill and not the continuous reminder of a threat. That's why we need high school students to actively take on real hacking attacks. Like a fire drill or even driver education, they need real practice if they want to learn how not to end up a victim. 

Hacker Highschool is a set of lessons and a practical means of providing cybersecurity awareness and critical Internet skills. The program contains free security and privacy awareness teaching materials and back-end support for teachers of accredited junior high, high schools, and home schooling. There are multiple workbooks available in multiple languages. These are lessons that challenge teens to be as resourceful as hackers, including safe Internet use, web privacy, using the Internet safely for research, avoiding viruses and Trojans, legalities and ethics, and more.

This program has been developed to complement existing student course work or as part of after-school and club activities.

If you are interested in helping with this project please contact us.