Hacker Profiling Project (HPP)


This is the science of criminal profiling as applied to the world of hacking. 

Research related to criminal and hacker profiling has been limited to a single point of view: the criminal analysis of the computer intrusion on one side and the technical analysis of the computer intrusion on the other side. In no case has there been a synergistic approach of those two points of view. The Hacker Profiling Project (HPP) is the means to combine these points of view to define a core methodology which will allow us to profile the attacker based on their techniques in computer-based attacks.

This research project aims to identify the real behaviors of each actor through particular technological environments and the social culture of hackers for better identifying their reasons for attacks, the true modus operandi, and to determine better countermeasures to improve security.

In collaboration with the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research (UNICRI) we have a defined a multi-phased project in which research from interviews with thousands of hackers and data analyzed from attacks will be brought together with psychological and social analysis. The final phase is the development of an open methodology that when applied to log files or computer forensics dumps will enable the analyst to profile and ultimately identify the kind of attacker that has performed the attack itself, including any security and privacy weaknesses, circumventions, corruption, fraud, embezzlement, theft, and other deceptive, illegal, or unethical practices.

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