The Secure Programming Standards Methodology Manual (SPSMM)

by Victor A. Rodriguez (Bit-Man)


When you expose an interface (programming, user, etc.) it can be used or abused. Since we plan to standardize this methodology from the programming side and as so you may be a programmer, system architect, team leader, etc. you want to keep your interface clean, usable, and with no component capable of being abused.

As applications get more and more complex and the human element becomes less involved in the interface we are at a distinct disadvantage when you play the odds. Techniques for secure programming is something that has been tackled in many forms and for many languages. We are attempting to meet this with a single methodology regardless of programming language and application environment.

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Download the SPSMM in pdf or LaTeX.


Japanese translation of the "SPSMM-セキュアプログラミング標準化手法マニュアル" by Ikeda Masakazu.

Portugese translation of the SPSMM by Sandro Melo.