Our partnerships are bridges between our research and the solutions needed today. Our partners provide the means for us to reach into different countries, cultures, and industries. ISECOM needs partners who are not just committed to improving security but committed to making the kind of security that improves lives. 

We choose our partners as carefully as you choose ISECOM. We want partners who are responsible in their business and capable of representing us in their region. A quality partnership means we are committed in each others success and we need you to actively involve our projects in your business.

Select the partnership program that is right for you:


The ISECOM Affiliate is the authoritative representative of ISECOM for their region. Affiliates are deeply committed and involved in ISECOM projects and services. All Affiliate candidates must have at least three years of active involvement with ISECOM.


The ISECOM Licensed Auditor (ILA) shows the world they have they are at the forefront of the security industry with the skills, knowledge, and resources to provide accredited OSSTMM tests and analysis. You can choose the ILA level right for you.


Our Training Partners are committed to providing official ISECOM training and certification. All Training Partners have OSSTMM certified trainers on staff who are specially trained in ISECOM's practical, hands-on teaching techniques for making skilled professionals. 


As a scientific organization, we really care about our relationship with colleges, trade schools, and universities. This alliance provides the opportunity to maximize student advantage with needed, real-world security skills backed by a well respected security certification.