Why do we believe what we believe to be true? Many times we take for granted the things we believe to be true. Do we know if these truths are always true? Are they constant? Are they constrained? Do they reflect life or do they merely model a perfect system? It's important that we not only discover how and why but the limits of what we can know and its impact. We want to ask new questions about old ideas. We want to find the core of how security works so we can use it as building blocks for better security. Most of all we want the research we do to mean something. Our research evolves to make sense of security. 

We provide our research here openly for all to learn with us. All projects are open for involvement or further study. Your involvement assures each project gets reviewed from within new constraints, a new perspective, and a new mind. So do contact us with your comments, criticisms, doubts, or if you want to help further a project along. 


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