The Seminar Series

ISECOM seminars do more than just inform. They educate, enlighten, entertain, and inspire. ISECOM seminars are rich with everything you always wanted to know as well as what you need to know. Using the same cutting edge learning techniques we apply in our highly rated trainings, our seminars not only provide a strong message but also leave a lasting impact long after it's over. 

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Academic Seminars

  • Mastering Trust (2 Hours) 

    Most people need just one reason to trust someone. Even skeptics tend to rarely rely on more than three. However ISECOM research has identified ten reasons to trust, all equally important and necessary to fully trust someone or something. It's true that a

    nyone who can quickly size up trust in a person, situation, or outcome based on the evidence at hand has an extreme amount of control over risk decisions and ultimately reward. It is especially helpful to be able to determine what information is lacking for making the right decision and what information is actually relevant. This seminar will have you practicing the tricks and techniques for analyzing trusts and to make it the natural way for you to understand your own instincts and gut feelings. You will learn to deconstruct your perceptions, examine issues without bias, dismiss fallacious evidence, and measure the amount of rational indicators lending to trustworthiness. Furthermore it will allow you to see how people see you, your image, your company's image, and how to make corrections so as to be more trustworthy for others. 

  • Making Sense of Security (2 Hours)
    This is practical, no-nonsense, straight-talk on security analysis. It is based on the most current ISECOM security research including the Home Security Methodology, Bad People Project, the Hacker Profiling Project, The Jack of All Trades Project, and especially the OSSTMM, the ultimate manual on how to break the security of anything. Whether you need to lock down a building or a computer, the OSSTMM is the go-to resource on how to do it right and verify it. This seminar will lay out the how and why of security analysis in plain language that will benefit and enlighten anyone whether they are students, professionals, or security do-it-yourselfers. During this seminar you will learn new security and safety concepts. You will practice security analysis with these new concepts and gain a new perspective on how and why security works.

  • Hacker Highschool (2 Hours) 

    This is professional hackers talking to students about hacking and being a hacker: both the bad and the good. This seminar will take a sharp look at what real hackers are from research in the Hacker Profiling Project, a collaboration project with the United Nations to explore who hackers are and why they hack. Then discover the bright side of hacking and how it's not always a bad thing. One of the most powerful things you can give a student is a means to be as intellectually curious and resourceful as a hacker. Hackers succeed as they do because they know how to teach themselves beyond the lessons available and give themselves the skills they need to go further. This seminar provides a foundation in security the way the hackers learn it and the skills students need to learn to take charge of their own learning beyond the school books. Parents and educators attending will also learn how to help out in this process and how to start a Hacker Highschool chapter at their school.

Home and Community Seminars

  • Smarter Safer Better (2 Hour, Half Day, and Full Day seminars available)

    One thing all victims of scams and fraud have in common: they all wonder how they didn't see it coming. There are things we do and can't explain why. It comes from our conditioning, both learned and genetic, which builds a roadmap in our minds that we just follow. It can even make us do things we later realize we didn't want to. These are our "triggers". If it's done indirectly it's called "priming". Among our friends we might say that "they knew how to push my buttons" and whether we like it or not, they got a reaction out of us. This seminar will make you aware of your triggers and how priming affects us. We will show how we think, how we believe, and how we are manipulated because of it. And most importantly we will practice how to feel these triggers so you learn when someone is trying to use them against you and what to do about it.

  • Mastering Trust for Couples and Families (2 Hours)

    Trust is the foundation of relationships. It is also the foundation in your self-confidence. Trust in yourself and in others makes the fabric of society and necessary for a healthy community. This seminar gives you access to the tools necessary to analyze both your own ability to trust and your own self confidence. It helps you see clearly how to build trustworthiness, repair broken trusts, and improve your self confidence. No tricks. No gimmicks. No babble. This seminar provides practical solutions for very real problems by identifying strengths and weaknesses in the trusts which you have and which you make.

  • The Bad People Project (2 Hours)
    There are too many rules for children to learn about being safe. "Don't talk to strangers." and "Don't take candy from strangers." and "Walk on the green and not in-between." and "Stay together, there's safety in numbers." and so on. Parents worry. They want that their children are safe and happy. So they pile on rule after rule for life but many conflict, are antiquated, or just don't make sense. That's why ISECOM began a project to study how we can improve the rules we give to children, understanding that cultural differences, mass media, and social conventions may reduce their usefulness or even their effectiveness. First, we needed to know how children from various cultures and regions imagine a bad person looks and acts like. So we asked them to draw one. Now we are building better safety rules that children can hold on to through life regardless if on the streets, at school, at work, on the telephone, or over the Internet. Learn how we are doing this, how you can take part, and how you can bring these rules to the children in your life. This seminar is essential for parents and educators who want to keep children safer and happier in the modern world.

Booking a Seminar

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